3 Ways to Harness Big Data, for Ecommerce – Practical E-Commerce

The use of Big Data by ecommerce companies is increasingly common. To stay competitive, many companies, especially larger ones, use extensive datasets to better understand their customers and provide services, recommendations, and experiences tailored to each individual. For many online stores, therefore, it is not a question of whether to use Big Data solutions; it’s a matter of what tools to deploy and how much to spend on them.

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The1M/1M Incubation Radar 2013: VOZIQ, Washington, D.C. – One Million by One Million

VOZIQ is a social media analytics company with a special focus on voice-of-the-customer analytics. It leverages large volumes of customer perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes expressed on social media platforms to provide actionable insights. Within two years of its founding, the business is cash-flow positive. It is targeting $1 million in revenue next year.

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Bootstrapping With a Paycheck – Huffington Post

Vasu Akula and his two cofounders launched VOZIQ in late 2011 with one simple goal in mind: to help companies that purchase advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions better utilize the information they gained access to.

What makes Washington, D.C.-based Voziq unique is that Vasu and his partners didn’t utilize outside investors in order to bring Voziq to life. Rather, they funded Voziq themselves while holding on to their day jobs.

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