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Enhance Customer Experience and Prevent Customer Churn!

Apply now to get free access to VOZIQ’s 90-Day Guided Trial Program for Customer Churn Reduction Solution using customer interaction analytics from contact centers.

Collaborate with VOZIQ’s data scientists to unlock hidden customer experience insights from unified customer intelligence using advanced text analytics.

The 90-day Guided Trial gives you access to –

  • Text Analytics to analyze contact center agent notes as a unique way to understand customer sentiment by specific issue types
  • V-Smart Technology to unify existing customer profile data and the dynamic interaction data to create a full picture of your customer
  • Predictive Churn Modeling to identify customers at risk of cancellation for developing service recovery programs
  • VOZIQ’s team of data scientists to help you throughout the 90-day period

Get 3 high-value customer experience reports free of cost after the 90-day period. See below for details.

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VOZIQ 90-Day Guided Trial Process

How VOZIQ’s Guided Trial Works?

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Apply for the 90-Day Guided Trial Program and Get 3 High-Value Reports Absolutely Free!

  • Text Analytics on 1 Month Historical Data
  • Customer Sentiment by Issue Type, Customer Tenure, Geo, Life Time Value, Product Types etc.
  • Top 5 Opportunities to Improve Customer Experience & Reduce Customer Churn