WEBINAR: Reducing Churn 2X Faster

In this webinar recording, Dr. Vasudeva Akula of VOZIQ shows how to reduce churn twice as fast when you add the power of text analytics to a traditional, CRM data-based predictive churn model.

The webinar exposes you to the power of predictive text analytics technology, which is quickly becoming a must-have for omni-channel customer experience strategy.

Join our experts to learn:

  • How text analytics reveals real customer needs and wants
  • Why contact center data is the secret sauce for generating the quickest ROI
  • How to uncover the top drivers of customer churn
  • How this information leads to reducing churn 2x faster than a traditional approach

In the webinar, the focus is specifically on post-call agent notes in contact centers as a source of strategic customer intelligence.

You will see how applying text analytics on the agent notes leads to innovative solutions for improving customer experience & reducing customer churn.

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