VOZIQ Launches New Multi-KPI Customer Experience Analytics Solution for Contact Centers

VOZIQ’s new Multi-KPI Customer Experience Analytics Solution for Contact Centers dramatically transforms the customer experience while maximizing the utility of the contact center data!

Reston, VA, April 25, 2016 – – VOZIQ, the Reston, Virginia-based company that helps businesses leverage contact center customer interactions as a strategic data source to generate actionable intelligence about customer sentiment, intent, and effort, has today officially announced the launch of its new Multi-KPI Customer Experience Analytics Solution for contact centers.

The new Multi-KPI Customer Experience Analytics Solution leverages the company’s cloud-based VSMART Analytics Platform to create a unified view of customer experience by capturing and aggregating information from multiple customer touchpoints, disparate contact center applications, and systems.

“The solution offers a combined power of predictive algorithms and text analytics to answer critical questions like ‘What is driving customer experience?’ and ‘Is this customer at risk of cancellation?’” said Dr. Vasudeva Akula, Founder-CEO, who made today’s announcement.

Besides, the newly designed Multi-KPI Solution also “comes with an advanced operationalization suite that includes drag-and-drop modules, ad-hoc analysis capabilities, and a reporting and alerting suite,” noted Dr. Akula.

Typical solutions in the market address one or two KPIs, such as First Call Resolution, Self-service channel utilization, or agent performance optimization. The Multi-KPI Customer Experience Analytics Solution, according to Dr. Akula, comes ready with the ability to improve the following KPIs, each contributing to improving the overall customer experience:

  • Focus on boosting revenue
  • Focus on improving contact center efficiency
    • First Call Resolution (FCR) Increase
    • IVR & Web self-service Improvement
    • Call Transfers Reduction

Targeted at businesses and organizations known to rely on satisfaction surveys to understand the customer experience, VOZIQ’s new Multi-KPI Customer Experience Analytics Solution complements the satisfaction surveys with root causes of customer behavior extracted from contact center, web and CRM data where known information about customer issues already exists on a large scale.

According to Dr. Akula, the new Multi-KPI Solution is already enjoying a warm reception from many leading companies in industries such as health insurance, cable and Internet, utilities, and financial services. “By backing our cloud-based analytics technology with deep contact center expertise of VOZIQ’s professional services team, we have already delivered significant ROI to our customers,” affirmed Dr. Akula.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sunil Issar, Sr. Director of VOZIQ Professional Services, believes the new solution will dramatically transform customer service experience by uncovering deep customer intelligence from contact center interactions. With customer experience management becoming a key factor for service differentiation, Dr. Issar further noted that businesses looking at previously untapped data sources, such as customer intelligence from contact centers, can now enjoy an overall better business performance, not just contact center performance, by using the new VOZIQ-solution to understand the real needs of their customers.

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