Customer Retention Cloud

Leverage the combined power of machine learning, advanced text analytics, and a cloud-based plug’n’play solution, to identify and retain your high-risk and high-value customers.

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Best-in-Class Platform

Designed ground-up for visionary businesses that are laser-focused on customer value. VOZIQ’s platform offers an out-of-the-box synergy of cutting-edge technologies, blended actions, and support for strategic decision-making.

“We are impressed with VOZIQ’s ability to uncover root causes of dissatisfaction and cancelations, and to predict customer behavior by leveraging unified customer data from contact centers.”

Customer Product of the Year Award 2017

Designed for Impact

Insights have zero value if they don’t move the metrics. That’s why VOZIQ comes with targeted, closed-loop actions, built right within the solution. Empower your teams with VOZIQ’s unique blend of insights, tools, and processes, and help them to retain your most valued customers.

Intelligent IVR

Identify and route calls from at-risk customers to specially skilled retention agents

Agent Cockpit

Inject risk score, risk context, interactions history, and best offers into your agent desktop

Self-Serve Intelligence

Rich, interactive dashboards, role-based reporting, and customer alerts to catalyze actions

Technology Edge for Your Initiatives

Best-in-class technology stack to serve your strategic objectives

Big Data Analytics

No more fragmented VOC — instead, an ability to integrate multi-channel, multi-structured, multi-temporal data

Machine Learning

Augment your decision-making with the power of self-learning machines to achieve strategic breakthroughs

Text Analytics

Decipher meaning from text notes and other open-ended text data in a flash

Power of the Cloud

Agile, scalable and cost-effective solution in the cloud for your strategic imperatives.

Executive Support

Instant enterprise-wide POV
Easy to use without IT dependency
Drive conversations with easy exports


Lightning fast performance
Best-in-class security
Flexible deployment options

Jumpstart success

Scales to support multiple use cases
Plug’n’play solution with no disruption
Pre-built categories and lexicons

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