What Social Web Thinks of Nissan?

Nissan Social Media Scorecard - VOZIQ

Earlier this year, Nissan took Geneva Motor Show by storm by putting in place a comprehensive social media strategy. The strategy included use of almost all major social networks, and several touch points where the visitors could share their experience on social media. Importance of social media for Nissan goes beyond events alone. Nissan has an active presence over major social networks through profiles, which focus on individual cars and countries. The focus of Nissan’s social media strategy is on growing a community of a passionate audience for their products. However, how much Nissan has succeeded in creating the buzz? Also, what the social web thinks about brand Nissan?

Let’s find out!

In this article, we have tried to analyze performance of Nissan on social media platforms. This analysis allows companies like Nissan to benefit from social media in a way, which is different from the other use – engagement. For large companies, social media analysis throws up interesting insights, which can help them understand crucial aspects of customers, competitors, and their market. These insights are gained by analyzing thousands of conversations happening around social networks.

For the purpose of analysis, we have scoured conversations on social networks, online media, and blogs for all mentions of the Nissan as well as related keywords. These conversations normally relate to the customers of the brand, competitors, and customers of the competitors. Using natural language processing algorithms and text analysis the conversations on social media are analyzed for actionable intelligence about the brand with respect to product, people, places, topics, issues, and categories.

Here are some of the major insights about Nissan:

1. Where Nissan stands compared to competitors?

This question can be answered using the Share of Volume report, which tells us what are the relative shares of competing brands when it comes to overall buzz generated on social media.

[lightbox href=”/wp-content/uploads/4.1-Nissan-Share-of-Volume.png” title=”VOZIQ – Nissan Share of Volume”]

Nissan Share of Volume - VOZIQ


As per the above chart, Nissan is not among the top 5 automobile brands on social media as per the volume of buzz generated.

2. What are the sentiments towards the brand?

Another way of benchmarking against competitors is to understand the sentiments generated towards the brand on social media. Previous metric, share of volume, does not talk about popularity of the brand. It just tells about the volume of the raw buzz on social media. The sentiment balance metric, however, throws light on popularity of a brand on social media.

The powerful natural language processing algorithm provides ability to identify sentiments hidden within the conversations on social media channels. In the total volume of buzz generated, the metric chart shows us the proportion of positive vs. negative sentiments.

[lightbox href=”/wp-content/uploads/4.2-Nissan-Sentiment-Balance.png” title=”VOZIQ – Nissan Sentiment Balance”]

Nissan Sentiment Balance - VOZIQ


As the chart shows, Nissan shows a healthy sentiment balance with a positive sentiment score of 0.728.

3. What drives the conversation?

One of the most important abilities of a social media analytics tool is to tell us about the topics, which appear most frequently in conversations about a brand. These topics tell what is on top of mind for the customers in context of the particular brand. For Nissan, here are the top topics of social media conversations and their relative share –

[lightbox href=”/wp-content/uploads/4.3-Nissan-Top-Topics.png” title=”VOZIQ – Top Nissan Topics”]

Nissan Top Social Media Topics - VOZIQ


As the chart shows, the top topics for Nissan are:

  1. Features

  2. Mileage

  3. Buying

  4. Models

  5. Dealers

  6. Promotions

  7. Accidents

  8. Color

In the order above, these topics feature in most of the conversations about Nissan on social media.

4. Sentiment balance for the top topics

A great way to understand sentiments about a brand is to look at the sentiments for various topics. This analysis tells us how each of the top topics are being perceived by customers or analysts. This can be done by matching sentiments data with top topics.

[lightbox href=”/wp-content/uploads/4.4-Nissan-Topics-Sentiments.png” title=”VOZIQ – Sentiments for Top Nissan Topics”]

 Nissan Topics Sentiments - VOZIQ


This chart shows that the sentiments attached to most of the top topics for Nissan are positive – exception being the topic of ‘Accidents’. Nissan can get more insights by going deeper and doing root-cause using the scoured data.

For management of Nissan, this analysis shows specific focus areas in terms of business actions or communication strategy. The conversations on social media generate immense amount of data, which can be further analyzed to understand deeper business issues.

If you are interested in social media monitoring tools from VOZIQ to track and monitor online content for your brand, feel free to request a demo or open an account with VOZIQ.

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