Early Churn Detection, Combined with Timely Cures

Creating churn risk scores alone won’t boost your retention rate. What you need is an end-to-end solution that predicts churn risk while it’s still reversible and seamlessly blends the risk scores into your contact center call routing for proactive customer retention.

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Stay Ahead

VOZIQ's offerings are powered by best-in-class technologies, that can scale up to serve the most complex use cases in an enterprise environment within no time. VOZIQ's platform consists of thoughtfully crafted enterprise stack, built on advances in artificial intelligence, text analytics, and cloud technologies.

  • Robust NLP technology to uncover customer pain, root causes
  • Machine learning to uncover complex patterns from huge data
  • Quick time-to-value with robust reporting, dashboards, and operationalization
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Maximize Value

VOZIQ's award-winning solutions maximize the value of your data and existing investments, and deliver a competitive edge that is fuelled by differentiated customer experiences. Based on our decades of domain experience, we have designed unique strategies to create and operationalize breakthrough customer intelligence.

  • End-to-end solutions to turn raw data into business impact
  • Enables new channels for proactive engagement and retention
  • Allows use of unexplored data sources for richer insights
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Partners in Success

VOZIQ’s solutions have been designed by customer analytics and data science veterans, who have a long track record of leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and solving difficult customer value problems for leading companies across the globe.


Cutting-edge customer analytics deployments for leading companies


Research and conference publications on advanced customer analytics


Patents for research on handling customers in a noisy environment

Vasudeva Akula. Ph.D.

Head of Customer Analytics

Specialties: Machine learning, data science, speech & text analytics solutions design

Vasu has designed innovative customer value focused solutions for some of the leading companies in their respective industries such as Moni Smart Security, Prime Therapeutics, GoDaddy, etc.

Vasu has a US Patent for research on Business Oriented Customer Handling. He is also a sought-after speaker at industry conferences such as SpeechTek and CSE Conference. He is Six Sigma Black Belt certified and an expert in SDLC methodologies.

Research and Publications→

Sunil Issar, Ph.D.

Head of Professional Services

Specialties: IVR optimisation, Natural language (NLU) interfaces, Multi-channel and cross-channel interfaces, Speech recognition (ASR) technologies.

Sunil has 30+ years of extensive experience in designing innovative self-care solutions using advanced speech and natural language technologies for renowned companies in various sectors.

Sunil holds 2 US patents for his research in natural language processing and IVR optimisation. He is a hands-on technologist with demonstrated success in optimizing business metrics and user experience through a mix of self-care, multi-modal and contact center technologies.

Research and Publications→

Suresh Akula

Head of Technology

Specialties: Big data, cloud applications, enterprise architecture, high performance systems, applications integration

Suresh has 20+ years of experience in designing and implementing high performance technology solutions. He presently leads the design and implementation of big data solutions for VOZIQ and its customers.

He is an expert in Enterprise Architecture which is a key discipline for both strategic planning and effective execution. Another key area of interest for Suresh is integration of disjointed applications through portal software, unified reporting frameworks, and web services.

Hire Our Experts to Accelerate ROI from VOZIQ's Solutions

We can help you identify gaps, tap into opportunities, manage risks, and achieve your goals.

Benefit from the synergy of our consultants, analytics frameworks, and cutting-edge predictive text analytics technology. Our team consists of data scientists, domain experts, and technologists. They have managed innovative projects for many Fortune 500 companies, and have delivered millions of dollars in ROI.

All the expert support you need!

VOZIQ's consultants work as an extension of your team, designing effective solutions and accelerating program success.

  • Create business case
  • Identify top growth opportunities and obstacles
  • Create a tailored, scalable solution to your challenges
  • Create a roadmap to achieve goals quickly
  • On-demand scenario-based analysis
  • Optional fully managed analytics with VOZIQ’s Data Science team

Jumpstart your success!

Lean on VOZIQ's qualified consultants to convert your customer value challenges into growth opportunities.

  • Realize demonstrable gains and positive ROI
  • Drive strategic improvements for consistent improvements
  • De-risk your project by following proven SDLC methodologies
  • Ensure stake-holders’ participation for collaboration and success
  • Expertise, support and risk mitigation throughout the project

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