Retain More Customers Faster

Get early warning of future churn risk for every customer and proactively run targeted campaigns to protect and boost customer revenue.

  • Unstructured and structured data analysis
  • Machine learning to uncover complex risk patterns
  • Predictive IVR call routing for proactive engagement

VOZIQ's Predictive Customer Retention

Your contact center service specialists speak with your customers millions of times each year, and document their exact needs, pain points and wishes. VOZIQ leverages this treasure trove of “voice of customer” to predict exactly which customers are at risk, reveal what is driving them away, and to provide an end-to-end solution to retain your high-risk and high-value customers.

AI-Driven Modeling

Machine learning models to uncover complex risk patterns from disparate customer data.

Early Churn Detection

Spot churn risk as it emerges, and take timely preventive action.

Lightning Fast Insights

Use intuitive Boolean search to mine through millions of data points in a flash.

Spot Reversible Churn

Score quick wins by identifying customer segments that have addressable churn risk.

Risk-Based Call Routing

Automatically route calls from at-risk customer to up-skilled retention agents.

Accelerated Success

Highly qualified consultants you can rely on for expertise, support and risk mitigation.

Proven Strategies That Will Plug The Leaky Bucket Of Customer Revenue
Three Ways AI Can Protect Revenue And Bring Costs Down During Challenging Times
Creating $100 Million Customer Lifetime Value Through Proactive Retention

Plug the Leaky Bucket of Customer Value


Boost in conversion of proactive retention offers


NPS gain via improved customer service experience


Boost in customer retention by saving high-risk customers


Proven ROI within first year of implementation

Why Customer Value Champions Trust VOZIQ

VOZIQ offers a unique synergy of technology, processes, and on-demand professional support,
that guarantee consistent and demonstrable customer retention gains.

Cutting edge platform

Combined power of text analytics and advanced machine learning models

Quicker time to value

Cloud-based solution that delivers value as early as 45 days from deployment

Plug 'n' play solution

Maximize existing investments in people and technologies with minimum disruption

Partners in success

Highly qualified data scientists to guide, advise and support your initiative

“VOZIQ’s multiple predictive ML models accurately predict customer health risks and opportunities in recurring revenue businesses. Its Explainable AI further enables these businesses to turn this predictive intelligence into large-scale actions in contact center and marketing.”

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