Leveraging AI to Maximize
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Discover how Brinks Home, a leading home security and automation company, generated over $100M customer lifetime value (CLV) with VOZIQ’s AI and multiple predictive models.
You’ll learn:

• Using predictive models to perform customer-level churn risk analysis and spot emerging risk early in the customer lifecycle

• Enabling contact center agents with a guidance dashboard to offer prescribed risk mitigation for at-risk customers proactively
• Creating the right financial metrics to measure the program effectiveness and increase customer retention and lifetime value

Jay Autrey
Chief Customer Officer
Brinks Home

Doug Shapiro
Chief Sales Officer

Vasudeva Akula, Ph.D.
Chief Data Scientist

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    VOZIQ has been an invaluable strategic partner for us. Their AI-driven ML solution has helped us successfully predict churn risks and see the full landscape of CLV maximizing opportunities. VOZIQ hasenabled us enabled us to become adata-driven, proactive and customer-centric organization.

    -Jay Autrey, Chief Customer Officer, Brinks Home