The global insurance industry has the potential to grow to $375 billion by 2022. The key driver for this growth will be customer-centric approaches. Industry leaders are focusing on improving overall customer experience (CX) and engagement with the hopes of creating customer loyalty, reduce churn in particular, and boosts plan ratings and reviews with the focus on accelerated growth and improved profitability.

To address this complex challenge, VOZIQ reimagines ways to improve customer experience and engagement and how churn can be predicted and prevented by focusing on uncovering early dissatisfaction and churn risk across the whole customer lifecycle. This enables operational leaders within the insurance to proactively provide differentiated treatment to at-risk customers even before they cancel.

Spot early signs of churn risk from unstructured data

4+ machine learning models for lifecycle risk prevention

Predictive IVR routing for proactive inbound retention

Team of data scientists to accelerate program success

Insurance Use Cases

Track Risk by Products/Plans and Call Reasons

Reveal which products/ plans/ agents are driving churn risk

Track Risk by Geo-Locations

Map relative risk based on volume of dissatisfied and at-risk customers across locations

Understand Risk Drivers

Reveal complex risk patterns for multi-dimensional root cause analysis

Reduce Customer effort

Identify drivers of effort with granular call categorization and repeat call mapping

Identify Trending Topics

NLP for automatic topic identification from customer interactions

Discover Addressable Churn

Score quick wins by identifying customer segments that have addressable churn risk

Optimize Care Costs

Track and improve service productivity by correlating agent performance with business metrics

Create Frictionless Journey

Identify friction points and design self-service options

Build Competitive Intelligence

Gather information about your competitors’ products, services and offerings to stay ahead of the curve and win market share

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