Customer Retention Cloud

Leverage the combined power of AI, machine learning, and advanced text analytics to uncover complex dissatisfaction and risk patterns from unstructured customer data, and predict future behavior and risk for every customer.

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Best-in-Class Platform

Designed ground-up for visionary businesses that are laser-focused on customer value. VOZIQ’s platform offers an out-of-the-box synergy of cutting edge technologies, blended actions, and support for strategic decision-making.

Any customer data

Most complete data source coverage

VOZIQ’s cloud-based platform allows you to quickly ingest practically any structured or unstructured data from disparate channels and systems. This enables you to conduct a census-style analysis of your customer base instead of relying on just a random sample.

What’s more, you can also import historical interactions, billing, and service data to jumpstart customer experience transformation right away

Text analytics to 'feel' your customers

By leveraging data sources such as call center text notes, VOZIQ’s text analytics enables you to uncover the emotional state of your customers. It reveals who are the dissatisfied customers, what are their needs and wants, and why exactly are they dissatisfied.

Additionally, it also allows you to build a life cycle view of interactions for a specific customer to construct an accurate context of customer dissatisfaction and risk.

AI-powered churn predictions

VOZIQ applies the same AI that Tesla cars use for crash prediction. Fast and accurate predictions by such AI leave ample time to take appropriate proactive measures and ensure the desired outcome.

VOZIQ’s AI-powered models leverage 100+ expressed and inferred risk attributes to predict churn risk for every customer with accuracy, and enable deep segmentation of at-risk customers.

Designed for Impact

Insights have zero value if they don’t move the metrics. That’s why VOZIQ comes with targeted, closed-loop actions, built right within the solution. Empower your teams with VOZIQ’s unique blend of insights, tools, and processes, and help them to retain your most valued customers.

Intelligent IVR

Identify and route calls from at-risk customers to specially skilled retention agents

Agent Cockpit

Inject risk score, risk context, interactions history, and best offers into your agent desktop

Self-Serve Intelligence

Rich, interactive dashboards, role-based reporting, and customer alerts to catalyze actions

Technology Edge for Your Initiatives

Best-in-class technology stack to serve your strategic objectives

Plug ‘n’ Play

No more fragmented VOC — instead, an ability to integrate multi-channel, multi-structured, multi-temporal data

Business User-Friendly

Augment your decision-making with the power of self-learning machines to achieve strategic breakthroughs

Power of the Cloud

Agile, scalable and cost-effective solution in the cloud for your strategic imperatives.

Business Scalability

No more fragmented VOC — instead, an ability to integrate multi-channel, multi-structured, multi-temporal data

“VOZIQ’s multiple predictive ML models accurately predict customer health risks and opportunities in recurring revenue businesses. Its Explainable AI further enables these businesses to turn this predictive intelligence into large-scale actions in contact center and marketing.”

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