No more customer blind spots

Stay One Step Ahead of Customer Churn

An end-to-end solution to supercharge your customer retention program, by leveraging your contact center data as the source of breakthrough churn intelligence to proactively retain your at-risk customers before they cancel.

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Gain visibility

Piece together huge amounts of structured and unstructured customer experience data, to reveal how customer service gaps are leading to revenue risk.


Predict churn

Use machine learning models to uncover complex risk patterns from the huge pool of data, and predict at-risk customers across various lifecycle stages


Mitigate risk

Use tailored offers to proactively retain your high-risk, high-value customers before they cancel, and automatically route their calls to retention specialists


Prevent churn

Take a systematic approach to boost customer revenue by addressing customer service issues, frontline performance gaps, and churn drivers.

Gain Visibility

Traditional churn modeling

Rely on transactions, tenure data and credit scores to calculate churn risk. The result? Late recognition of churn intent. By the time you intervene, dissatisfaction issues would already have become a loyalty issue.

VOZIQ’s ‘census’ approach

VOZIQ infuses behavioral intelligence into traditional churn modeling by leveraging agent text notes and other interaction metadata from call centers. This allows uncovering inferred risk signals and enables dynamic risk scoring.

Predict churn

VOZIQ’s machine learning models identify top at-risk customers with reversible churn risk, by analyzing 100+ risk attributes gleaned from customer profiles, behaviors, and actions

Customer Profile

Bring together every relevant piece of customer data to create a unified customer profile

Customer Effort

Leverage call center history to reveal poor service experience and dissatisfaction

Customer Intent

Understand what the customer was really trying to accomplish by leveraging post-call text notes and call reasons

Service History

Predict future risk by analyzing transactions, usage and service history, and past cancellation patterns

Mitigate Risk

Drive targeted engagement and retention campaigns to retain your high-risk, high-value customers

Retention hub in contact center

Identify agents with better retention performance, and coach them to handle specific risk types even more effectively

IVR-Triggered Retention

Automatically route normal care calls from at-risk customers to retention hub, for better resolution and presentation of offers

Care Agent-Triggered Retention

Automatically route proven risk-triggered calls to retention hub for better resolution and presentation of offers

Marketing-Triggered Retention

Tailored campaigns, based on key at-risk segments and their risk drivers, to trigger a call to retention hub

Prevent Churn

VOZIQ’s solution provides businesses with a way to listen to customers at scale, and apply the intelligence about customer needs, wants and pain points to drive enterprise-wide improvements.

  • Reverse-engineer risk, and take a lifecycle approach to deal with risk
  • Realize demonstrable gains in key metrics such as retention rates, CSAT/NPS, FCR and AHT
  • Focus retention dollar and efforts for maximum impact
  • Improve customer revenue
  • Reduce cost-to-serve customers
  • Gain competitive edge with improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy
  • Turn contact center from a cost center to a hub of strategic customer intelligence
  • Improve agent performance with benchmarking, coaching and WFM
  • Link quality management with impact on business metrics
  • Improve plans and products
  • Devise a better competitive strategy
  • Create better pricing strategies
  • Better engagement through clear visibility of risk and risk drivers, while dealing with a customer
  • Easy access to targeted offers by marketing specifically for the customer
  • Empowerment through gap analysis and coaching
  • Performance benchmarking and gaps analysis, with a focus on customer satisfaction and retention
  • Better customer engagement, based on risk levels and drivers for individual customers

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