Use Cases

Drive Loyalty and Incremental Purchases

Reveal customer sentiment

Natural language processing to understand the exact customer sentiment from unstructured customer interactions

Drive CSAT and NPS

Design data-driven strategies to improve CSAT and correlate multiple KPIs to drive NPS

Identify top dissatisfaction drivers

Automated root cause analysis to identify top categories that drive customer dissatisfaction

Boost customer lifetime value

Proactively offer personalized interactions, offers, and solutions to your customers

Predict and Reduce Customer Churn

Reveal top drivers of cancellation

Analyze unstructured interactions to reveal the top call categories that are driving cancellations

IVR integration

Integrate churn scores with IVR and route calls from at-risk customers to specially skilled agents

Predict churn risk for customers

Predict churn score for every customer by using sentiment from agent notes, call reasons, and surveys

Proactive customer retention

Churn propensity-based proactive customer contact, loyalty and recovery programs

Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Reveal categories driving repeat calls

Identify top call categories that drive repeat calls by applying text analytics on agent notes

Optimize performance and processes

Identify top opportunities to optimize processes, IVR design, and agent performance

Understand root causes of repeat calls

Automated root cause analysis to understand why FCR is low for specific call categories

Reduce cost to serve the customers

Identify top automation opportunities with unified analytics of agent notes, IVR logs, and call center data

Understand Context of a Call

Identify caller intent

Multi-dimensional text analytics on unified contact center customer data to understand caller intent

Uncover the context of a call

Sequence interactions to understand what happened before and after a call for every interaction

Correlate interactions with triggers

Correlate every contact center interaction or transaction with the root causes which could have triggered that event

Identify customer lifecycle stage

Map customer journey events such as transactions and interactions to reveal life cycle stage of a customer

Grow Business

Offer consistent omni-channel customer experience

Use contact center data to identify customer pain points and gaps in services and processes across the customer journey

Review competitive landscape

Review competitor mentions in the call center data and set competitor benchmarks. Leverage this information for future growth strategies

Improve customer engagement

Segment customers based on various parameters and create targeted engagement, marketing, and service strategies

Create a customer experience aware business

Remove customer blind spots, identify cross-functional collaboration opportunities, and put customer at the center of your business

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  • Leverage latent unstructured data within contact centers
  • Create strategic intelligence about customer experience and key contact center KPIs
  • Understand the root causes of dissatisfaction, churn, repeat calls, call transfers, and higher cost-to-serve
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Maximize the value of speech analytics

VOZIQ ingests speech analytics intelligence as an input data source and complements the analytics

Gain broader CX insights

Unify every customer data source within contact center – not just speech – to gain deep customer experience insights

Power of Predictive Text Analytics

With VOZIQ’s Predictive Text Analytics, diagnose customer experience issues and predict its impact on business

Leverage human interpreted CX data

Leverage post-call agent notes, the largest sample of human interpreted CX data, to understand each and every customer

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